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“The Message of Xmas” — festive new album by French composer, Christophe Chassol and l’orchestre de Paris choir

“This music evokes the feeling of going outside at Christmas, of walking on the snow carpet where the sound of footsteps is choked,” says Christophe Chassol when talking about his new Christmas album: The Message of Xmas.

The son of a saxophonist, French composer Christophe Chassol has been playing piano since the age of four. In the 80s he was enrolled in a conservatoire in Paris called the Institut National de Musique to study piano. After graduating, he moved to America to study music at Berklee College in Boston.

Over the years, Chassol has become known for something called “the ultrascore” — compositions that combine voices, music, field recordings, and images into audiovisual experiences. This new way of thinking about music has earned him the role of musical director for the likes of Phoenix, Sebastien Tellier, Solange and Frank Ocean.

Chassol’s new album, The Message of Xmas was born from a meeting with the famed jeweller, Cartier House, to create a concert that captures the spirit of Christmas in Vendôme Square. The album uses winter bells and l’orchestre de Paris choir to evoke the feeling of Christmastime. The 6-track album is orchestral and atmospheric. It’s the perfect soundtrack to Christmas day. If only it was a bit longer… and it would be a treat if it was available in vinyl.

Head over to the Chassol Bandcamp page to buy the full version of The Message of Xmas or stream one of the singles below.

Chassol – Holiday For Reich