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Ten Years

Swimming Paul releases a vibrant new single: “Lost”

Two times last year we featured the London-based French producer, Swimming Paul, on our mixtape. On the July Mixtape and the May Mixtape. And you’d be forgiven for thinking you are listening to a new Bicep release when you hear Swimming Paul’s music for the first time. The synth and melody have a Bicep-esque quality to them. But there is also hints of Fred Again.. or The Blessed Madonna, Barry Can’t Swim in there as well. His music is stamped with that vibrant club sound with a touch of sunshine.

Paul draws inspiration from the early days of house music; he recognizes it as more than just a genre. It represented a cultural movement that united people from diverse backgrounds. Motivated by this spirit, Swimming sought to create music that not only made people dance but also brought them together and conveyed powerful messages.

For his latest track, “Lost,” Paul returns to the scene with a profoundly moving track that explores the depths of emotional tumult and heartbreak. The chorus pleads that “I feel I might be lost,” while the beat drives on. That chorus is punctuated by the line: “It’s ok not feeling ok.” It serves as a soothing mantra for those navigating life’s stormy moments. 

Swimming Paul – Lost

Swimming Paul – Your Song

Swimming Paul – Fknow It