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Ten Years

Belgian techno producer Kr!z takes us into space with his new Resident Advisor mix

Kr!z has been establishing himself as a respected DJ and producer for over a decade now. At home in Belgium he made a name for himself as the resident DJ of the legendary techno night “Kozzmozz.” Now he’s known around the world for his DJ sets that embrace the darker side of techno.

Resident Advisor selected Kr!z to host the 693 episode of the RA Podcast where the Belgian producer launches his listener into space. His mix is filled with dramatic cinematic overtures and delicate interstellar melodies. Part of the mix even includes an excerpt from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“My idea was to highlight the elements of techno that made me fall in love with it at the end of the ’90s,” explains Kr!z when talking about creating his mix for RA. “Futurism and oddness, but also hypnotism and minimalism. If I had to include a visual for the podcast, it would be the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I recently watched as they remastered it for its 50th anniversary. I had specific scenes in mind for every part of the mix, in a slightly different sequence though.”

Photo by Marie Staggat

“I mixed some records and answered some questions for Resident Advisor,” continues Kr!z. “I really enjoyed doing it so I hope you enjoy listening to it. All credit should go to the great artists included in this mix: thanks for the endless inspiration! Thanks to you for listening. Keep your 3rd ear open.”

This mix is definitely made for you to listen with your headphones on. 3rd ear open. Headphones on.

Resident Advisor 693 – Kr!z

Tracklist /
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like
Mike Parker – Copper Variations
Jeff Mills – The Mythic Barrier
Wata Igarashi – Haziest Just Before The Dawn (Svreca Remix)
Ben Gibson – More Hysteria
Terrence Dixon – The Test Of Time
Neel & natural/electronic.system – Percussiva
Biemsix – Unkindness
Abdulla Rashim – Red Uprise
Eric Fetcher – Symetrie Imparfaite
Orbe – Device’s Generation
Marco Shuttle – Oscillate
Stanislav Tolkachev – Lost In Freedom
Mike Parker – La Strega Danza
Actress – Blue Window
Indigo Æra – Flux
Darko Esser – Clean Slate (DVS1 Remix)
Jeff Mills – 4art
Sub Space – Untitled
James Ruskin – Indirect World
Steve Bicknell – Untitled
Nørbak – Modus Operandi (Pursent Remix)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Why Are You So Frightened
2001: A Space Odyssey (Excerpt)
Pttrn – Untitled
Kr!z – Nothing Ends
Sev Dah – Untitled
The Vision – Explain The Style
Sterac – Nemec
Rue East – Birmingham (Surgeon Remix)
Function – Reykjavik
Planetary Assault Systems – Long Lost
Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (Excerpt)