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Ten Years

Chase Gentles puts some new-school spin on old-school hip hop

As someone spent their formative years in New York in the 90s, I have a special place in my heart for old-school hip hop; it’s t he music I grew up with. So when I was sent the new Chase Gentles single (aka Chase Soundz) I was taken on a trip down memory lane. With one foot in the golden age of hip hop, and the other taking inspiration from the new-school of old-school hip hop — you can see the influence that artists like JID, Ocean Wisdom, and Smino has had on him — Chase’s sound puts a new spin on a well trodden genre.

His new single, “PYRE.” has got that steady old-school snare with a soulful melody sampled overtop. Add to that a confidently delivered vocal track underneath and you have a laidback little joint for the stereo. I only wish that Chase invited another verse on the track so we could enjoy the groove a couple minutes longer.

Chase’s music journey began at age 15 when he already started writing music and poetry. He quickly discovered the magic of music and how it can influence people. At this point, everything changed as it sparked a burning passion for him to pursue a career as a performer. His art and music was greatly influenced by personal experiences and hardships which allowed him to invoke strong emotions through his work.

Check out the latest Chase Soundz single (“PYRE.”) below and keep an ear out for upcoming releases this year.