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Ten Years

Los Angeles beat maker Naive releases “tape 1”

“This mix is mostly a compilation of basically the creation of my producing career,” explains Naive when talking about tape 1. “The beats are placed in the order they were created and were created over a few years. I can almost pin point exactly what was going on in my life with each track. “

Throughout tape 1 you can hear how Naive has pulled inspiration from the great hip hop producers like Madlib, 9th Wonder, and J Dilla. Throughout the tape you can see how he is looking to find ways of bringing you slightly unexpected sounds. You feel totally bigged-up on a track like “Victory” only to be transported to the deserts of North Africa on a track like “Journey” or “Red Majesty.” The common thread is a real attention to detail which comes through in the production.

“I don’t overthink too hard in my music production. A lot of my creation process is when inspiration strikes at 3 am, I just load up sounds and start vibing and doing what feels right.”

NAIVE – tape 1

NAIVE ‘tape 1’ tracklist

  1. If You Just Give Me Away (0:00)
  2. Don’t Brew (0:58)
  3. Red Majesty (2:30)
  4. Life Begins (4:40)
  5. Silk (5:49)
  6. Century (8:23)
  7. Fried (12:36)
  8. Liar In The Lair (14:14)
  9. Journey (15:29)
  10. Sun (17:55)
  11. Belong (20:17)
  12. Survival (21:49)
  13. Soon (23:46)
  14. I Don’t Know (24:39)
  15. Sunken Ship (25:40)
  16. Lawn (27:31)
  17. Peas In A Pod (28:20)
  18. Victory (30:18)
  19. So Much (32:19)
  20. I Gotta Go (33:58)
Naive – Red Majesty

Naive – Survival