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New compilation inspired by lockdown and protecting the rainforest

Oklahoma-based producer, HeartWerk has just released a jazzy new deep house single called “Absent” which was included on the Routine Espresso Rainforest Trust album. Not only is this track a silent club killer, but all the proceeds of this album will be donated to the Rainforest Trust to help fight climate change and deforestation. Amazing.

Self described as a “moody house music producer from someone who cares,” HeartWerk seems to have a keen awareness of how his music fits into our current human context. The note he sent along with his track explains that “while the pandemic has taken a huge toll on economies and our daily lives, it will also have an effect on the environment as well.”

“Currently, pollution levels have been reduced due to stay-at-home orders, but once businesses re-open there is likely to be a dramatic negative change for the climate as restrictions are lifted in order to get economies back in order. We need to use this opportunity to not let that happen and do our part to keep it alive! Walk [or] bike when you can, enjoy the sunshine, and stay positive.”

Amen brother. I think “Absent” will definitely help in that endeavour.

HeartWerk – Absent

Photo by Tobias Tullius