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Sirens Of Lesbos reimagine The Fugees track “How Many Mics” with their new single “How Many Miles”

Building on the success of their hit single, “We’ll Be Fine,” the multi-cultural Swiss quintet, Sirens of Lesbos are back with the brilliant new track called “How Many Miles.”

It’s the second time that the Sirens Of Lesbos take inspiration from The Fugees to write a new track. Here they have reworked some lyrics from “How Many Mics” and flipped it into a whole new vibe: “How Many Miles.” The song is just dripping with summer sentiment. An upbeat piano riff combined with an effortless vocal track and underpinned by a thumping bassline; this is yacht rock at its best.

Sirens Of Lesbos – How Many Miles

“How Many Miles” continues to build on the expanding sound Sirens Of Lesbos have started to cultivate. There is a soul throughout all of their music but this track explores the more “rock” side of their sound. Songs like “Shotgun” and “Zeus” tap into something more disco-sounding while their single “We’ll Be Fine” sees the band incorporating reggae guitar licks and flute melodies from the far east.

The band’s love of classic analogue 60s and 70s pop and soul shines through on a lot of their songs, but they’ve applied their own twist on the sound and production to compliment their modern storytelling.

Very excited to hear more from the Sirens Of Lesbos. For now, check out some of their past singles below:

Sirens Of Lesbos – Shotgun

Sirens Of Lesbos – Zeus

Sirens Of Lesbos – We’ll Be Fine