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Ten Years

Nocturnal vintage pop from the Dutch seaside of The Hague

Dutch indie duo, Silver Lake, have a brand new single entitled “Beaches.” The track reminds us that you can always find beauty and hope in the things around you (no matter how dark things seem). The song aims to give you a sonic sense of security.

“For me, the beach is a place where time seems to stand still,” admits Marleen (one half of Silver Lake). “[It] can be very soothing in a world where you are surrounded by chaos and change. I wanted to make a song that evokes that same feeling in me. When I listen to this song, it always reassures me and makes me calm and content.”

Along with the release of the single, Silver Lake have released a music 16/8mm film that was shot in the south of Spain. The perfect warm visual compliment for the musical hug that is “Beaches.”

Over the coming months the band will release two more singles from their debut album (which is set to release next Spring).

Silver Lake – Beaches