The New LoFi

Ten Years

Electronic music that lies somewhere between atmospheric club and low key rave

When I hear genres like electronic music and pop music in the same sentence, I usually run a mile. However, Alex Schalm (aka Mira Nait) has proven me wrong on this instinct.

On his new single, “Lost,” Schalm explores loving and being loved; self-confidence and self-doubt. It sounds like pop content for a song, but it’s in the execution that allows you to get lost in a more dance floor driven way. The combination of an atmospheric club beat mixed and low key rave undertones mixed with his emotional vocals makes for a very unique sound.

Have a listen to “Lost” below, and look out for Mira Nait’s upcoming EP (due out December 1st).

Mira Nait – Lost

Cover photo by Marta Serhun