The New LoFi

Ten Years

Shoegaze and lo-fi house come together for Silver Liz’s new celebration of staying in

Silver Liz’s new single “There’s No Need” is a stay-at-home anthem. It’s a celebration for those nights where you make your own dance party in the living room with a couple of close friends at home.

And while this sort of song seems obvious at the moment, the Chicago-based duo wrote it two years ago. They couldn’t have known how relevant the song’s lyrics would become once the future pandemic swept across the world. In that way, the track is like a weird foreshadowing of what was to come.

“The cliché thing to do for a celebratory dance track like this would be to make it about going out and having fun with your friends,” explains the duo. “But instead, we thought it would be funny to make it about doing the exact opposite.”

“Now, during quarantine, the lyrics might sound a bit imperative. But for us, the track actually is celebratory. Most days, we love having an excuse to stay in and work on music.”

“There’s No Need” is the first single off of Silver Liz’s upcoming full-length album (set to be released sometime in 2021). 

Silver Liz – There’s No Need