The New LoFi

Ten Years

Ukrainian techno star, Etapp Kyle, releases an expansive new set for Resident Advisor

This mix has everything I look for in an electronic set. Deep house and techno with tightly curated melodies and just the right amount of funk sprinkled in. This is Etapp Kyle’s new mix for Resident Advisor.

When he first appeared on the scene, Ukrainian producer Etapp Kyle immediately caught attention of Berlin’s techno underground. Over the past ten years the Berlin-based producer has refined his sound to create what RA calls techno “you can sit in, and let wash over you.”

On this mix, Kyle evolves his normal atmospheric style of techno into something a bit different. Here he creates an expansive soundscape that spans everything from 90s acid house, techno, and trance.

“The mix was recorded at my home studio in Berlin,” says Kyle when talking about his process to RA. “This time I decided to make it completely in Ableton Live as the idea was to include some of my favourite music regardless of its BPM, style, age and even genre. Which was very challenging to put together, even in Ableton. To some extent, I had to edit almost every track I included and even recorded a synth to replicate the original sound of a track at some point in order to make the transition smoother.”

The underlying story to all of this of course is the disturbing and heartbreaking Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fact that Ukrainians around the world are still finding courage and energy to express themselves in the face of this terrible war is inspiring. “[The war] simply doesn’t leave the background of my thoughts,” admits Kyle. “From my experience of travelling around and meeting new people, I can say that many are very poorly informed about it or, worse, sometimes, completely misinformed.”

For me, this mix is just another example of how the bright light of Ukrainian national spirit will not be defeated.

Etapp Kyle – RA.884
      1. EK – Untitled
      2. Ligovskoï – Thessalonians | Field Records
      3. Autechre – Eutow | Warp Records
      4. Z – Uncle Mavis | TIP Records
      5. The Overlords – God’s Eye (Heavy Duty Lionrock Vibe) | Arista
      6. The Uprising – You Can Wait (Northern Ambience Mix) | Hi-Bias Records
      7. Material – Mantra | Axiom
      8. Future Sound Of London – Expander | Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
      9. Source – Levitation | Ohm
      10. Aloka – Digeridoo | Nehza Records
      11. Etapp Kyle – God’s Breath
      12. Alarico – Tenzo | RX Recordings
      13. Skee Mask – Studio 626 | Ilian Tape
      14. Diego Hostettler – Back Jack Back | Kanzleramt
      15. DAVE N.A. – Young Night
      16. Mandalay – Not Seventeen (Futureshock Alternative Mix) | V2
      17. One Dove – White Love (Psychic Masturbation) | FFRR
      18. Timeline – Time Sensitive | Underground Resistance
      19. Bassline – You’ve Gone feat. Lorraine Chambers | RMH Music