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Ten Years

Echo Thrills releases second single ahead of upcoming EP, Destination Utopia

I first came across Swedish producer, Oskar Jennefors (aka Echo Thrills) last summer with the release of his debut single, “In A Dream.” Drawing inspiration from 70s-era psychedelic rock, soul, and just a pinch of disco. If you had to describe his music (which is apparently my job on this blog), you would say it is composed of swirly basslines and playful grooves that aim to transport you to a more nostalgic time and place. That’s what “In A Dream” did for me anyway. The whining melody combined with his high-pitched vocal delivery painted a warm and uplifting picture for your ears.

Now Jennefors is back with his brand new single, “Sunshine,” that continues to spread the joy. Its radiant melody aims to wrap you in a warm embrace and carry you off into the horizon. Basically… it’s a love song.

Check out the groove on “Sunshine” below. And look out for the Echo Thrills 6-track EP, entitled Destination Utopia (set to release later this summer).

Echo Thrills – Sunshine