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Ten Years

The debut single by Swedish artist, Echo Thrills, creates a dusty 70s-era journey into psychedelic rock and soul

Echo Thrills is the moniker of Swedish producer, Oskar Jennefors. If you like psychedelic rock, soul, and disco, then Jennefors is your man. His debut EP, Destination Utopia, sees many of these 70s-era genres through a modern lens. A heady mixture of nostalgic basslines, grooves, and playful psychedelic elements add up to an album that transports you to a universe of Jennefors’ own creation.

The lead single off the EP is called “In a Dream,” and was inspired by a lush summer morning by the sea, where Jennefors found himself lost in the chill slow disco vibe. The lyrics explore the concept of dreaming and the strange places that our dreams can take us.

The track started out when I was on vacation at my parents summerhouse in the Swedish archipelago, explains Jennefors when talking about the debut single. “The sun was beaming down as I was chilling by the ocean. Being in a blissful state combined with the beautiful surroundings gave me inspiration for the chords, and the slow disco beat just felt right on that warm, lush summer day. The lyrics are inspired by dreamstates and the beautiful places that you can visit in your dreams. All in all the track, for me, is more about being in a certain state of mind. A state of exploration, awe and a sense of magic.

Look out for Destination Utopia to drop at the end of August on Platoon Records.

Echo Thrills – In a Dream