The New LoFi

Ten Years

Beautifully ambient house from English producer, Mattr

Matthew Clugston (aka Mattr) is an ambient electronic producer and DJ from Birmingham, England. After producing several of his own parties in his home town with artists such as Alex Banks, Maxxi Soundsystem and XXXY, Clugston then moved to Berlin to study electronic music production before releasing several EPs on Faceless Recordings. This caught the attention of producers like Amé, Laurent Garnier, Dino Lenny, Chris Fortier, Guy Gerber, Anja Schneider, Nick Warren and many more. 

Now based in London, Clugston has been steadily releasing beautifully ambient instrumental tracks that lift you into the night sky. Recently he’s created remixes for Max Cooper and Steven Weston as well as a brand new single called “AI_R.” In a lot of his music Clugston uses a granular synthesis method which is a technique that involves breaking down audio into tiny fragments and manipulating them to create new textures and timbres. By carefully crafting these microscopic sounds, Clugston creates intricate sonic patterns that ebb and flow throughout the recording. It creates an all encompassing feel for the listener.

Check out a couple of his singles below:

Mattr – AI_R

Steven Weston – Southsea (Mattr Remix)