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Ten Years

Biig Piig’s new single since the release of “Bubblegum” is an absolute banger

I got turned on to Jessica Smyth’s music (aka Biig Piig) relatively late (in 2021) when she hit us with her single “Feels Right.” She’s been dropping tracks and EPs since 2016 / 17 until the beginning of this year when she released her first album entitled: Bubblegum.

Now she’s back with a brand new single called “Watch Me” that has a banging video to go along with it. What is so interesting to me about Biig Piig is that she is a sort of genre chameleon. From some of the first music she released that sounded more like laidback R&B to the more indie pop sound she curated for Bubblegum. And now, with “Watch Me,” Biig Piig goes full electronic with a dance floor stomping banger. I’m into it. Hopefully this also signals a new album on the way for 2024 as well.

Biig Piig – Watch Me

Biig Piig – Kerosene

Biig Piig – Feels Right