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Ten Years

Perfect chilled out track to end the year on — Catching Flies new single: “Tides”

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ George King (aka Catching Flies) has just released a brand new single to announce his upcoming album. It’s the title track on the new record and will close the album. The track is called “Tides” and I really can’t think of a better track to gently bring in the end of the year.

In the last few years, I’ve observed this oscillation between things being happy and sad in my own life,” explains King when talking about the new single. “I always knew the album would end on ‘Tides’ – it leaves it in a more hopeful place. Nothing’s ever permanent.”

Working closely with string arranger Thomas Lea (Adele/Bonobo/Rhye), George King has created a beautiful, moving new record, with sounds that unmistakably come straight from the heart and held together by a singular sense of purpose.

“This album is all about ebbs and flows,” continues King. “It’s been a very interesting few years, to say the least, both personally and in terms of the world. I always kept coming back to the concept of tides, the cyclical nature of everything, and the way sadness gives way to happiness… and vice versa. It all works out in the end, though, and regardless of what’s happening, the sea is still there, a constant in the madness.”

Catching Flies – Tides