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Ten Years

Romanian DJ duo, Khidja, revive a classic jazz track from the past with their new remix of “Man Jumping”

Man Jumping was a British ensemble that blurred the lines between avant-garde jazz and new wave during the 1980s. Now Emotional Rescue — the British reissue label for lost or forgotten tracks — has released a remastered and remix of their 1985 album Jumpcut.

To reimagine the track, Emotional Rescue enlisted Romanian DJ and production duo, Khidja (pronounced Khadeeja). The two producers have been long time fans of Man Jumping and after they suggested the idea to the label, they were given the green light to remix the band’s music to a new generation of fans.

Man Jumping – Walk On, Bye (original mix)

Khidja put their spin on two of the album’s tracks: “Walk On, Bye” and “Down The Locale.” The way they reinterpreted the track conserves the original feel but lifts certain elements like the clarinet, trumpet and sax to modernize the tune. This kind of nuanced enhancement and preservation of the music highlights Khidja’s ability …but also their appreciation for Man Jumping.

The reissue album, Jumpcuts 1 is out now. Grab your copy from Emotional Rescue.

Man Jumping – Walk On, Bye (Khidja remix)

Here’s another Man Jumping track that caught my eye while doing some research. Gives your more of a feel for the kind of music they were creating in the 80s.

Man Jumping – Lenin Tempted By A Job In Advertising (live)