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“We justify the use of violence to create order” – Charlotta Perers talks about her new single, ‘Beast’

“I’ve been thinking a lot about our need for control,” explains Charlotta Perers (aka Big Fox). She’s talking about the new single, “Beast” off of her third album See How the Light Falls.

“How we justify the use of violence to create order. And my part in that order. We’re often so good at rationally explaining and justifying our actions that we end up convincing ourselves that we had no other choice.”

Throughout her new album, the Swedish singer/songwriter interrogates the process of using violence and fear as a means to enforce order. But she sees her music as a way to frame the subject through a plucky-pop sounding lens. She concludes that “sometimes maybe even the difficult subjects need their pop costume.”

Check out her single “Beast” below, and look out for the full release of See How the Light Falls in March.

Big Fox – Beast