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Ten Years

Thomas Savage returns with a new single to announce his upcoming album

We last heard from the very talented Mr Savage (aka Vilde) in 2021 when he went on a journey to embrace the nomadic lifestyle on his Speaking With Strangers EP.

The Australian producer (now living on the south coast of Britain) has returned to promote his upcoming album with a new single called (take a deep breath): “Subpar sentiment, cracking skin, a gene forgotten so long ago.” And while it might be a mouthful of a song title, the track itself is more stripped back and effortless. Unlike some of the music from his last albums (which played somewhere in between electronic, indie and pop), this new track places an acoustic guitar at the center of the arrangement where Savage then builds melodic layers around it. Just when you are fully wrapped up in the track, the percussion drops in and you are driven along for the rest of the song.

Have a listen to “Subpar sentiment” below and look out for Vilde’s upcoming album later this year.

Vilde – Subpar sentiment, cracking skin, a gene forgotten so long ago