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Ten Years

ArmstrongWW loves you, more than you know

Based in the deep south of Texas, Armstrong Tanyi Orock aka ArmstrongWW first came on my radar with his heartfelt story of “For You” that takes you on a journey of losing his best friend and uncle, paying respect in the most beautiful way possible. 

His new single follows in a similar fashion, the soulful intro with “Lady I love you, more than you know” entices you in and you know it’s going to be an emotional one. An incredibly deep thinker, ArmstrongWW describes the track for us:

“’Call You?’ is a testament to all of the many things that break through my self control. In the past, I’ve found myself trapped many times because I end up doing things that only encourage my bad habits. These things would include sex with people I shouldn’t be giving my energy to, alcohol, and other activities I won’t say. In the end I realise that I’m only hurting myself, when I could honestly be doing the opposite. That is ‘Call You?’, it’s my story.“

I believe many of us can relate to life spiralling out of control with temptation and having to centre yourself by taking a step back, with his conscious lyricism and subtle piano melodies this song took me on a thoughtful journey with me contemplating my own story. 

The single is out now via Melting Pot Music and be sure to follow ArmstrongWW on Spotify!