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Ten Years

UK beatmaker, Thomas Tempest, releases a new single that drips of chilled warmth for autumn

I’m feeling like a chilled-out soundtrack is on the menu for this weekend. And when I received the latest single from up and coming English beatmaker, Thomas Tempest, I felt the music gods had listened.

Tempest draws inspiration from jazz, hip hop and soul with his flavor of study beats so it’s no surprise that he sites artists like Nujabes, J Dilla, Coldbrew, and DJ Shadow as influences for his music.

His latest single, “Moonlight,” leans into the nostalgic side of his music and conjures up memories of late summer nights hanging out with friends under a moonlit sky. “I wanted to create a track that had a laid back and nostalgic feel but also felt cool and timeless,” explains Tempest when talking about the new single. “The use of Saxophone for me was the perfect choice of instrument to create this nostalgic sonic image. I wanted to keep the track fairly simple in terms of musical elements to allow the emotion of the Saxophone to really connect with the listener. I find that jazzy tracks just hit different, you know.. emotionally, and often less is more.

Couldn’t agree more. With syncopated guitar rhythms, dusty drum samples, and that velvety jazz saxophone, “Moonlight” drips with chilled warmth.