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Ten Years

Fat Freddy’s Drop releases a ten year anniversary album: “Blackbird Returns”

Since the Fat Freddy’s Drop released their album Blackbird back in 2013, the nine tracks on the album have embedded themselves into the collective psyche of Freddy’s fans worldwide. Wanting to do more than just re-stocking the vinyl, which of course has happened in anticIpation of the 10th anniversary, FFD reached out to established and emerging musicians and producers in their personal networks to transform and multiply the classics. So now, after ten years, the band have given the album out to 12 collaborators to remix each single and re-release.

We’re extremely proud of the Blackbird album,” explains DJ MU from Fat Freddy’s Drop. “It’s great to hear our mates’ re-rubs and re-dubs of all these original songs.

The line-up of remixers include Kid Fonque, Nightmares on Wax, Jazzanova, Kings, Marcus Worgull and more. Check out the first few remixes that have been released from the album below, and headover to Bandcamp to pre-order the album.