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Ten Years

Isreali producer Orka launches her solo project with a otherworldly cover of “I Release Control”

Over the past 14 years, Isreali singer songwriter, Orka, has explored the ceremonial, spiritual, and healing aspects of Singing Circles. Orka’s interest in interactive work with the audience lead her to explore ways of bringing these qualities of healing and deep spiritual engagement to a full band on-stage performance. This is what drove her to create the “Forestt” project.

With this project, Orka aims to create a world of sound that generates heart opening and mind altering
experiences — the same way that singing circles do. Working with hundreds of women, both in her voice workshops, and in her ‘Medicine Women’s Choir,’ she is trying to open up the voice of the ‘new feminine.’
A new feminine that celebrates both its strength and vulnerability.

After many years of performing internationally with these collectives to bring projects like this to life, Orka is ready to move her music career solo with this new single “I Release Control.” A beautiful ALexa Sunshine Rose cover that spans the spectrum from being tribal, floating, and otherworldly to something more grounded, percussive, and electronic.

Have a listen to “I Release Control” below and be on the look out for more this year from Orka.

Orka – I Release Control (feat. L.P.K) (Alexa Sunshine Rose Cover)

Cover photo by Tal Alkalay