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Ten Years

Step into a world of tropical exotica with Gianni Brezzo’s new album, “Filigrani”

I’ve really been into this sort of jazz tropical exotica sound that has been floating into my inbox lately. Music by artists like Sven Wunder, Stelio Cipriani, Surprise Chef, Pierre Cavalli, Matthew Halsall, and many more. That sort of effortless jazz that transports you to a tropical paradise.

And now, I’ve happily added Gianni Brezzo to that list. The very Italian-sounding moniker belongs to the Cologne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Marvin Horsch. Besides producing Cologne bands like “Keshavara,” “Woman” and “Xul Zolar,” Gianni has also released a number of EP and LP’s since 2017. While Gianni’s works are usually instrumental only, “The Awakening” featured vocal appearances from Berlin/Tel Aviv based singer / producer J.Lamotta and soul singer Otis Junior from Louisville, Kentucky.

Today Horsch releases the title track off of his upcoming new album: Filigrani. It’s a continued exploration around Horsch’s relationship with Italian culture. Through the process of creating the album, Gianni was looking less for his roots and more for his existing Italian connection (which he renews and rediscovers every time he visits his grandmother in Sicily).

Check out the new single below, but make sure to pre-order the full album off of the Gianni Brezzo Bandcamp page.

Gianni Brezzo – Filigrani