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Ten Years

Listen to the lead single from Joel Wästberg’s new album “Holding On To A Dream”

“Deployed” is the new single from Swedish producer Joel Wästberg (aka sir Was). It’s taken from his upcoming new album Holding On To A Dream and features a vocals from Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano.

“Me and Little Dragon go way back,” explains Wästberg. “I’ve been hanging out with them for many years, and they were very supportive with my first album. I remember that Yukimi was always asking me if I was making my own music. One day I was working in my small studio room, and Little Dragon were one floor up. Yukimi knocked on the door and asked if she could listen. I played her some of my songs and she said, ‘This is great, go out and talk to the world!.’ That was before my first album. So having Little Dragon as a feature here makes so much sense.”

sir Was – Deployed (feat. Little Dragon)