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Ten Years

Duval Timothy’s record “2 Sim” is an audio journey into contemporary West Africa

Duval Timothy has one foot in the music world and one foot in the art world. I first learned about Duval when I came across his ongoing collection of freestyles on piano. That led me to his design shop called Carrying Colour. The store was originally conceived after Duval visited Sierra Leone to learn about traditional fabric weaving. Now it’s a place for Duval to explore color through his projects: an evolving clothing range, video, photography, food, design and music.

The 2 Sim EP is the second release from Carrying Colour which follows on from Duval’s 2017 full-length album, Sen Am. The EP was created from two months of field recordings and interviews with family and friends in Freetown, Sierra Leone. These site specific recordings are collaged with solo piano recordings produced in Sierra Leone and the UK.

The phrase “2 Sim” is used in Sierra Leone as a metaphor for people of mixed heritage or dual nationality. If you travel between two places, you most likely will have two sim cards for your phone.

“After being called ‘2 Sim’ in conversation with a stranger while on a walk through Freetown,” explains Duval “I began to explore what the ‘2 Sim‘ experience is in contemporary West-Africa.” The recording of this conversation features on the record and gives you an insight to Duval’s journey.

Listen to “2 Sim” below or buy your copy of the EP on Carrying Colour.

Duval Timothy – Freestyle no.19

Duval Timothy – 2 Sim