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Ten Years

Fat Freddy’s Drop at the Brixton Academy

This was my 5th FFD gig, but they are still able to surprise and delight.

If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I strongly recommend exploring their discography. I know of few other artists whose music appeals across such a wide range of listeners, and who you know will be a safe bet for background music at dinner or boogie music for a party.

Not only do they have a reliable stable of studio productions, they kick ass on stage!


The theatre of each gig is usually spear-headed by their rotund trombonist (and tuba player) Joe Lindsay. To my dismay, I cannot find any good videos of his remarkable dancing and semi-strip routine on youtube or the band website. At one particularly memorable gig at Alexandra Palace (one of London’s best venues!), he reduced himself to y-fronts, wife-beater & sparkly silver cape with captain’s hat. The enduring question is, doing that much huffing, puffing and strutting on stage, how does he stay so round?!

The one thing that the Brixton Academy surpasses Aly-Paly on, is the echo of the audience’s roar. The cavernous vault of the Palace has been harnessed to good effect by the sound technicians, but it cannot beat the inter-war era theatre for resonant roaring.

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Having wondered aloud with many fellow fans, “Why are they called Fat Freddy?”, I can thank Wikipedia for explaining that it’s basically about taking acid – I won’t tell my mum that, fan that she is.

Check out their new single “Trickle Down” below and make sure you get out to see Fat Freddy’s Drop when they pass your city.

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Trickle Down