The New LoFi

Ten Years

Getting our electronic disco boogie on with the new Soulance album: French Cassette

Besides being a twenty five-track anthology of electro disco and hip hop influences, the new Souleance record is available in one of our favorite lo-fi formats: the humble cassette tape.

Aptly named French Cassette, the LP is a mixtape dedicated to all things Français. The Parisian duo behind Souleance set out to take you on a French voyage through time and genre with the album — each track is purposefully named after various French clichés, characteristics, phrases and places.

Check out the first two singles from French Cassette below, and if you like what you’re listening to, grab a copy of the record on the Souleance Bandcamp page.

Souleance – Sète

Souleance – Oui Mais Non