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Ten Years

Blast from the past: SHIHA remixes Miami Sound Machine’s hit single “Dr. Beat” featuring Gloria Estefan

As a child of the 80s, I’m a sucker for anything that has a bit of dance music nostalgia in it. So when a DJ / producer called SHIHA sent me a remix of “Dr. Beat” from Miami Sound Machine, I was hooked.

Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan’s voice wrote part of the soundtrack for my life growing up in the 80s and 90s. Sure, it was pop music, but it was feel good and neutral. Not too over the top, and not too cheesy, just good times.

“Dr. Beat” was originally released in 1984 when Estefan was still the leader of Miami Sound Machine. It’s one of the singles that propelled the band into more mainstream fame throughout the rest of the decade and lit the way for other hit singles like “Conga,” “Bad Boy” and “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.”

I know this will seem really poor quality to some younger readers, but the video for “Dr. Beat” captures the party spirit that Miami Sound Machine was putting out into the world. It is a bit crazy, I will admit. A woman who can’t stop dancing, a doctor trained in ‘beat,’ a dance party in the hospital…. It’s the 80s at their best.

‘Why are we talking about the 80s anyway?’ you might ask. ‘Isn’t this a blog about new music,’ you will continue. And I agree with you. Enter the Egyptian producer, visual artist and co-founder of Epic 101 Studios: Mahmoud Shiha (aka SHIHA). With more than 15 years of being involved with music, his work includes a variety of different projects that are eccentric and diverse. SHIHA is known for his melodic deep house, tech house, and progressive vibes, also hosts a monthly podcast “Clubbing Purposes.”

SHIHA is the reason all of these memories came flooding back early last week. His new bootleg remix of “Dr. Beat” is a blast from the past with a 2021 spin. He has taken the classic track and sped it up to a more contemporary dancefloor pace. Then he’s added a little extra punch to bring it into this century. It would be hard not to get up out of your seat and dance to this new version of Dr. Beat.

Miami Sound Machine (ft. Gloria Estefan) – Dr. Beat (SHIHA Remix)