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Photo by Maxwell Byrne

Who is Kalem W?

On my daily browse through Bandcamp, I came across this single from an artist called REI SO LA. The track was called “rendezvous” and it’s off a new EP called 2 LIVE.

I liked what I heard, so I decided to dig deeper. But with so many new artists, finding out more information can prove to be difficult. First you begin with a friendly email. But everyone knows that cold emails generally get you nowhere. Then you do a bit of digital stalking: look at the Instagram page, look at the Facebook page, check out the Soundcloud. Sometimes you can find out a lot that way. Sometimes artists are very good about putting the information about themselves out there. Other times, they can be a bit elusive because they are just starting out, or they don’t want to fully commit their personal life to the life of a musician because they don’t think they are good enough. Perhaps they just don’t think it’s relevant. ‘It’s none of your business mannnnn’ (that sort of thing).

Whatever the reason, I came up pretty empty handed after my internet snoop on REI SO LA. The only information I was able to find out was that it might have been created by a producer based in Brisbane, Australia. The producers name might be Kalem W. And I also think he must be a pretty positive guy because on most of his releases, he has a message that reads something like:

“thank you for arriving here and thank you for your time”

Who an artists is, where they came from, and what drives them to make music (or any art for that matter) is important in my opinion. But perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps it is just all about the music. If that’s that case, than you should listen to REI SO LA’s new EP, 2 LIVE.

(and if you know who Kalem W. is, ask him to message us. We like his music)

REI SO LA – 12:34 (extended)

REI SO LA – rendezvous

Cover photo might have been taken by Maxwell Byrne