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Ten Years

LUXXURY takes a more experimental route with his new single: “Lets Stay Together”

We last caught up with Blake Robin — the LA based producer, multi-instrumentalist and synth master behind LUXXURY — in a virtual interview during lockdown. Robin didn’t let the global pandemic slow his production down during 2020; he released his latest EP called Set Me Free, as well as a lockdown mixtape entitled We’re All Gonna Die. He also reinvented himself into a rising TikTok star with his Inside The Song” videos.

LUXXURY is back with a brand new single called “Lets Stay Together” which blends disco, house and funk. After completing the music for the track, Robin got stuck coming up with a vocal topline. To find the solution, he began experimenting with adding acappella samples from his collection of multitrack stems, over the instrumental. “I tried adding sampled vocals almost at random, chopping and modifying them,” explains Robin. Inspired, he reworked and re-recorded the vocal sample snippets to create an all original song, all the while retaining the vintage vibes. “It changed the game for me, I’ve been enjoying shaking up my writing process this way.”

Listen to “Lets Stay Together” below and keep a look out for a new EP coming soon.

LUXXURY – Lets Stay Together