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Ten Years

Vinyl Williams releases a new 10-track celestial album

In the last few decades we’ve seen a how psychedelic and celestial sounds have worked their way into more popular music. With artists like Chaz Bear, Kevin Parker, Tom Herman, Melody Prochet, Ruban Nielsen, and Samira Winter, celestial psych-rock has become much more of a household term.

A name that has been behind the scenes of this movement (and has collaborated with a lot of the artists above) is Vinyl Williams.

Williams has steadily built his own supernormal sound in his LA-based studio over 6 albums now. Coming from a long line of LA-based musicians, Williams has the advantage of being surrounded by the beachy sounds of artists like Brian Wilson, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and producers like Curt Boettcher and Burt Bacharach.

For his latest release, Vinyl Williams has arranged a new 10-track homage to the genre. The album is called Aterna, and is going to be available on, yes… vinyl. Three beautiful limited edition vinyls actually. I particularly like the white marbled vinyl version.

The lead single off the album is called “Petroglyph.” Williams describe the single as ” “a slice of sub-soaked deep radio-dial vintage pop.” Indeed.

“The track is written about the Moon and Sun’s proportions,” explains Williams. “The Sun is 400 times further away than the Moon and the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, creating a perfect eclipse and life as we know it on Earth. It continues to provide evidence for self-organizing and harmonious structures in the universe.”

Check out “Petroglyph” below and look out for the full album release in August. Or preorder the album now on Bandcamp.