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Soul Trash: Toro y Moi’s new cassette tape bounce

I love it when you get to peak behind the curtain of how an artists works. Seeing their process is almost as exciting as experiencing the finished product. That’s what Chaz Bear’s latest project, Soul Trash has felt like.

Originally released as a free dropbox download / Instagram tape drop, Soul Trash was the first time that I had heard music from Toro y Moi that sounded more like a demo than a finished product. And this is interesting because Chaz has a very tight production style, so having the chance to hear him working out things was fantastic.

It got even better when the vibey demo album was refined and rereleased last month. The new release includes “the same songs but presented in a more hi-fi setting,” admits Chaz on his Bandcamp page. It’s a fantastic way to see how the California-based producer hones his sound. I wish we could get a glimpse into the working process of other artists like this.

Oh! And as if that wasn’t enough, the new release comes with a 30 minute film directed by Lanéya Billingsley featuring tripped-out visuals and psychedelic vibes (and it also features Chaz wearing a pretty sick hat).

It’s dope.

Soul Trash is out on Carpark Records now. Do yourself a favor and buy this record so that you can add it to your “listen to forever” playlist.

Toro y Moi – drip bounce _ 7_24_18 Toro y Moi – Soul Trash V1 #11 Toro y Moi – b_elijah_therapy_v2 (feat. Elijah Kessler) Toro y Moi – Soul Trash V1 #10 Toro y Moi – 7-21-17_substitute_hifi_v3 Toro y Moi – 4-26-18_tonys_drewbanga_hifi