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Ten Years

Can I Eat Pizza To This: Vol. 1

Editors note: very excited to bring you this new series from Dave Wadlow that packs in the good vibes. He’s calling it “Can I Eat Pizza To This…” and it spans the genres in search of music you might be able to eat alongside a cheesy saucey dish. Dave explains it better below.

Pizza, like people come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Pineapple lovers and egg toppers know who they are and those sourdough, stone baked ones know it too. I wanted to make a mix that entertained you eclectically, at times almost taking you out of your seat but essentially kept that foot tapping and vibes vibing whilst you at a pizza solo or with company. “Can I eat a pizza to this…” can be, and should be, enjoyed hot or cold. Or equally for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Live, Love, Pizza x