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Gigamesh gives the remix treatment to Night Drive’s new single, “Summerwaves”

Just got passed this fantastic Night Drive remix from longtime friend of the blog, Gigamesh. We’re loving it. The original track is called “Summerwaves” and it’s off of Night Drive’s new EP, Position II.

Before we get into Gigamesh’s remix of the track, I just wanted to talk a little bit about Night Drive. The origin story starts in Mexico City at midnight where Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon first met in a screening of a film called “Beyond The Black Rainbow.” After bonding over their love of the visual imagery and synth soundscapes in the movie, they soon discovered that they were both musicians whose previous bands had just dissolved. Through this serendipity, Night Drive was born. Keeping that spirit of serendipity alive, the two men went to a tarot reader on a whim and asked about the future of their band. She told them that they would find the “third member” within two years. And that’s how Nick Dudek became the third member of the band.

When talking about the name of the new EP, Brandon says: “I had this dream that our band was called ‘The Positions.’ Since we’d already established ourselves as Night Drive, we had the idea to release a group of EPs named Position IPosition II, etc, which would ultimately culminate into a compilation album of the same name.” Recorded mostly in downtown Houston, this group of songs was a reflection of the unusual modern times we’re living in. The album explores themes of uncertainty, longing, hope and discovery throughout. 

You should go have a listen to Position II now and then come back here to check out how Gigamesh has turned the vibe up on the lead single, “Summerwaves.”

Night Drive – Summerwaves (Gigamesh Remix)