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NY surf rock band create an all-instrumental tribute album to Taco Bell

When the critics said that an all-instrumental tribute to Taco Bell was impossible, The Jagaloons set out to prove them wrong. Their answer is a new four track EP proving that terrible food can inspire excellent music.

“It really started out as a guitar noodle that became the rhythm guitar riff and grew into a fun 60’s surf rock song,” says guitarist, Kurt Stegemann when talking about the lead single called “(Let’s All Do The) Cinnamon Twist.” The new single captures that 60s surf rock feel complete with reverb-drenched guitar riffs and Farfisa organs.

“As we got to the point of arranging the EP, we expanded it to include some sweet Vox organ to give it that vintage sound,“ adds drummer Geoff Kelley “While [this single] is a bit of a departure from our core sound, it represents a big piece of our inspiration to do what we do.”

The new EP is called Walk, Don’t Run, For The Border and it captures that mid-century surf rock sound from the West Coast mixed in with a bit of south-of-the-border flavor and East Coast beach culture. Growing up on the East Coast, in New York, I can remember weekends on the beach on the South Fork of Long Island and then meeting at Taco Bell. It was like our version of the mall. A beachy parking lot with skateboards and surf boards and cheap tacos. That nostalgic summer feel is packaged up nicely with these four new original tracks from The Jagaloons.

The album was produced on a beautiful Guacamole Green 10″ vinyl and features some nostalgic fast food artwork by Naoya Muga. Grab your copy of Walk, Don’t Run, For The Border, available on Sharawaji Records.

The Jagaloons – (Let’s All Do The) Cinnamon Twist
The Jagaloons – Baja Blast

Album artwork by Naoya Muga