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Ten Years

LA-based producer, Louie Rubio, creates some nostalgic 80s chillwave to soothe your soul

We just got passed a couple of new singles from LA-based singer and multi-instrumentalist, Louie Rubio. To announce his new album, Rubio released two stellar singles — one was called “Heart of Gold,” the other, “Mar y Sol.” This month he is back with the title track of the album: “Find Your Light.”

“Find Your Light” grabs you right from the first note with a striking opening line: “You kill yourself just to make a living”. From their, Rubio’s stripped-down 60s Fender Bass and drum groove plunges you into a pre-chorus inspired by 80s cassette-era indie hymns. The song then lifts you to the hook where a West African acoustic guitar layers into the song. Thematically the song follows our disenchanted hero as he escapes an Escher-like labyrinth of workaholic careerism and the status quo. Something we can all probably identify with.

Have a listen to the first couple of singles below, and head over to Soundcloud to listen to the full version of Find Your Light.

Louie Rubio – Find Your Light
Louie Rubio – Heart of Gold