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Ten Years

Your LoFix #9 – Inspiring Piano Melodies

Welcome to The LoFix, a column to share some LoFi & Chill Hop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your friends.

In this ninth edition of the series we dive into piano lead instrumentals that I’ve found inspiring or helped me get through the day!

I first heard this song on one of ChillHop Music’s mixes and it’s stuck with me ever since, an incredible piano melody and flow that takes centre stage from Jesse James. Close your eyes and let ’50’s Manhattan’ take you back in time to a small speakeasy with a live band playing in the background.
Coming out of Cali, is the inspiring producer Sweeps who has been gracing my ears since hearing the smooth ‘Sunday Blunts‘ track that is a perfect blazing song. His latest ‘Lucid’ single is a stripped back cut with smooth piano licks and subtle synth vibes, be sure to head over to his bandcamp as he usually releases his music on cassette and vinyl in limited runs.. Something we don’t get enough of anymore and massive respect to this artist for pushing his independent music. 
Perfect for a late night drive when you’re a ‘Long Way From Home’. AK420 pays homage to the 90s era with this boombap beat and smooth piano chords. As AK420 says in his bio, this is premium rolling music and stoner material.. So kick back and blaze one to these fine sounds.
My good ol’ pal Lil Gromit is rolling through like a Baller with this upbeat groove, a pleasant lead melody from the piano which is backed up by the minimal guitar flow and licks through the song. Summertime and beach vibes all day here.
A fat drum beat and smooth piano to kick off the track gets the head nodding right away, giving me them ‘Jazz Hands’ and pretending I’m playing the piano like Stevie Wonder. The song is taken from Spaze’s ‘Opaque‘ album that is one to listen to from start to finish.