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Ten Years

Left field dream pop duo, Soft Double, blends broken soul and psych rock

Soft Double…. no, I’m not trying to sell you on a new bed mattress.

Soft Double is a left-field dream-pop duo based in Berlin. One part New Yorker, the other Southwest-German. The two musicians met at art school in Germany, where they instantly bonded over a shared musical sensibility.

Their new four-track EP, Loose Plans, is a spaced-out psych rock album with some low-key dream pop vibes. The confident cool of the vocal delivery on each track is supported by astral guitars and the beautifully reverberating chords of a vintage Rhodes keyboard. The result is something both whimsical and earnest.

The title of the EP hints towards the process behind recording the album. Written between 2020-2021, the songs were recorded piecemeal over the course of a half year. “A lot of the things that sounded good on the demos weren’t coming together in the studio” explains Frederic when describing how the album came together. “We started making changes to songs that we thought were already finished, and as a result, the recordings have an element of serendipity. Loose Plans is about embracing twists and turns, and realising that there are no dead ends.”

Soft Double is currently writing songs for a full length record, which they (loosely) plan to release in 2023.


Soft Double – JET LEGS

Soft Double – HAT TRICK