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Ten Years

Texas-based hip hop crew, Tru & Livin’ pay homage to Illmatic with their new single “Sundae”

Tru & Livin’ is a hip hop crew that formed in Beaumont, Texas in 1996. Their style is similar to other groups coming out of the American south during that time, including the Geto Boys, Too Much Trouble, and the 5th Ward Boyz.

“As M.C’s, we are honest songwriters and raw spitters,” explains Qb from Tru & Livin’. “We don’t make simple music and we don’t dumb-down lyrics. We are meticulous in the details of our songs and we don’t make fillers.”

Over the years they’ve become more of a collective that includes rappers, producers, singers and other creatives. Their music is rooted in that “golden era of hip hop” sound — and they’ve managed to stay true to that idea for over 30 years. Over that time they’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest names of the era: Redman, Big Pun, Method Man and B.I.G.

For their upcoming LP, “Still Do It,” they’ve just released a new single called “Sundae.” The crew took inspiration from Nas’s 1994 album, Illmatic.

Tru & Livin’ – Sundae

Tru & Livin’ – It’s Possible

Cover photo by Karl Muscat