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Ten Years

Montréal producer Geneviève Ryan Martel leans into her rave-minded alter ego: TDJ

Geneviève Ryan Martel (aka RYAN Playground) has just released a new 3-track EP under a new moniker: TDJ (Terrain De Jeux). The EP mixes 90s trance with the more mellow side of Euro electro-pop.

Under this new rave-minded alter ego, Geneviève leans into nightlife culture. After releasing her first album as RYAN Playground (16/17) in 2018, Geneviève felt the need to deepen her interest in dance music and get to grips with her need for musical diversity. Similarly to how she shapes RYAN Playground’s music around her early Pop/Punk childhood memories, Geneviève seeks TDJ’s inspiration from her youngest memories of electronic music.

To get a wider sense of where TDJ’s sound lives, have a listen to her guest appearance on the Possession Podcast that features an hour-long mix and takes us on a journey through the raves and nightclubs of Montreal.

TDJ – Lalala (Want Somebody)