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Ten Years

The new Com Truise album transports you back to the nostalgic sounds of the 80s

There is never not a good time to catch up on a bit of Com Truise’s flavor of psychedelic nostalgia electronic music. It’s like a warm and familiar hug.

In Decay, Too is the follow-up album to Com Truise’s 2012 compilation, In Decay which brought together a series of early recordings and musical thoughts. In Decay, Too uncovers a new collection of rarities and unheard fragments from the producers past. Wrap that up onto a trippy tie-dye record and you’ve got a snappy little piece of vinyl.

In Decay, Too is out now on Ghostly International.

Com Truise – Compress—Fuse

Com Truise – Chemical Legs

Com Truise – I Dream (for You)

Com Truise – Zeta