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Karl Zine’s new album dissects the lifecycle of a relationship through sound

The new album from British songwriter and producer, Karl Zine dissects the lifecycle of a relationship piece by piece. From euphoric highs to debilitating lows, Hyper explores the full spectrum of emotions associated with love and loss.

“I wanted to explore the nature of relationships in all their wonder, mystery and heartache,” explains Zine when talking about the new release. “From the euphoric ‘hyper’ highs of idealized fantasies, to the debilitating lows of often imperfect realities resulting from lost love and heartbreak. It’s a record about what it’s possible to feel and why we feel the things we do.

The album investigates the emotional twists and turns of a relationship with a collection of relatable and sometimes intimate songs. At times the songwriting can be stripped right back to let the atmospheric electronic vibes carry you along the waves of emotion.

Although I’m still a huge fan of traditional song structure,” continues Zine, “I wanted to try something a little different [for this album]. There would be no pre-determined rules with my songwriting. When it felt right, I did away with the idea of the traditional verse and chorus, opting for a more free-form approach. The production was not aimed at a specific genre, but was chosen to try to capture the mood of the subject matter, drawing on a wide range of influences, from my background in Jazz to my love of pop, R&B and singer-songwriters. The storytelling on this record are highly personal, but hopefully relatable too.” 

Hyper was released today on Wow & Flutter Records. Have a listen to all nine tracks on Spotify.

Karl Zine – Hyper

Karl Zine – Diving

Karl Zine – Saffron

Karl Zine – Greenscreen

Cover photo by Julien James Davis