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Aussie art-pop girl Austen ignites “The Fire” in the latest single from her upcoming EP

Brisbane based artist Miranda Ward popularly known by her stage name, Austen, has recently unveiled the latest single from her much awaited upcoming EP, Small.

“The Fire” is the perfect first song for someone who isn’t very familiar with this Aussie electro pop sensation. Austen’s bright vocals combined with dreamy synths and a repetitive melody line of “you be the flame and I’ll be the fire” should be enough to get you hooked on this song for days.

 “The Fire is about living on the line between volatile and steady, in a sweet spot of intensity,” Ward explains on her latest track. “I wanted it to sound otherworldly, as a reflection of that feeling.”

Austen has also released an accompanying self directed music video with her friends on YouTube with use of an old camcorder and budget of $50 which she spent on fake flowers instead.

If you liked “The Fire” then we highly encourage you to check out her full EP Small (out now on Tank Top Records). Purchase the single or EP on bandcamp so ward can fulfill her dream of buying a turtleneck in every color. 🙂

Austen – The Fire