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Ten Years

A surreal walk in the forest provided by BAILE’s new single, “Knows No End”

The Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley (aka BAILE) first came onto our radar when he teamed up with KAUF for their collaboration on his track “Leave Me.” In a lot of ways, collaboration is part of Kackley’s process — the past few years he has worked with a wide range of artists including Sasha, Beacon, and DRAMA & GHEIST. With that collaboration, Kackley’s sound has developed into texturally rich downtempo dance music inspired by the organic sounds of nature. 

“When I’m listening to music I find myself more drawn to individual sounds and textures within a song rather than the songs as a whole,” explains Kackley when talking about the creative process. “When composing tracks, I focus on juxtaposing raw elements with synthetic ones, creating something that can feel crisp and clean but also organic and natural.”

For his latest single, “Knows No End,” BAILE takes us on an electronic journey though a misty forest at twilight. Vocalist JT Norton provides the gentle topline for the track and with subtle melodic builds as the track progresses, it’s almost as if we are witnessing the arrival of extraterrestrial beings as we journey deeper into the forest.

“[The track] sat in my drafts folder for a couple of years before I got it into the hands of JT Norton,” says Kackley when talking about “Knows No End.” “His vocals breathed new life into what was just a simple beat accompanied by piano chords and a vocal sample — ‘knows no end’ — that I pulled from some demo that JT and I had worked on years ago. The last piece of production came in the form of swelling FM synths and arpeggios that build over a breakbeat and finally reach a climax at the end of the song atop a contorting, stabbing bass.”

BAILE – Knows No End