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Producer and solo artist Marla Kether provides a laid-back remix of “Bloodline” by Samantha Lindo

It’s one of the hardest things to do: create a remix of a well-known or well-loved original. Marla Kether does just that with her remix of “Bloodline” by Samantha Lindo.

“Bloodline” is Samantha Lindo’s latest single (out last week) and it’s already had support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Jamie Cullum, and John Kennedy. The track is breath of fresh air for the jazz genre, with Samantha’s free-flowing spoken-word vocal piece, an free-flowing percussion track, and a swooping horn section. It’s a great track.

So to hear that the new single almost immediately has a remixed version… the idea doesn’t fill you with confidence that this other version is going to be good as well. But Kether pulls it off with ease. With the help of some wonderfully warm and rich horns played by Poppy Daniels and James Akers, Marla has switched up this soulful jazz piece into a soundscape of grooves reminiscent of the broken beat scene of the late ‘90s. It encapsulates the essence of this new “London jazz” movement we’ve started to see appear in the last 10 years.

“I’m used to working with different elements recorded separately,” explains Marla when talking about the new remix. “With electronic music, there isn’t much importance placed on instruments sounding like they were recorded live. So I wanted to challenge myself to reinterpret this track that clearly sounds like everything was recorded in the same session, while preserving that quality.”

And what a success it is. Check out both the original and remix below. And keep a look out for Marla’s new EP which features the remix and Samantha’s upcoming album “Ancestry” for the original single.

Samantha Lindo – Bloodline (Marla Kether Remix)

Samantha Lindo – Bloodline