The New LoFi

Ten Years

Experimental Housewife brings us nearly two hours of psychedelic techno with her new mix for Resident Advisor

Evelyn Marie Malinowski has been called a pillar of the American underground electronic scene. Better known by her moniker Experimental Housewife, Malinowski has been DJing since the ’90s. What’s nice about the Experimental Housewife project is that it borrows from an array of percussive musical influences — from punk to baile funk. That said, the music is always built upon a foundation of house and techno. One moment you are listening to a club banger and before you know it, there are samples of West African vocals folded into the mix before you descend into some minimalist techno.

“This mix is a sort of wild ride into stuff that gets me excited,” explains Malinowski when talking about her latest mix for Resident Advisor. “It’s a blend of newish stuff I’ve been deeply vibing on, including some music from last year I was excited to play at gigs that got Covid-canceled, then there’s some classics that still bang.”

Listen to the full mix below and head over to Resident Advisor to read the full Experimental Housewife interview and learn about how Malinowski assembled the playlist.

Experimental Housewife – Resident Advisor 783


  1. Lemmi Ash – Horror Vacui / Words by Toni Morrison
  2. Ivano Tetelepta, Julien Fuentes & John Mood – Healing This Planet, Healing Ourselves
  3. Yaleesa Hall x Malin Genie – Muck
  4. Fred P. – Everyday Of My Life
  5. Daniela La Luz – When You Go All In And Wait
  6. DJ Slyngshot – Untitled B1
  7. Danny Tenaglia – Ohno
  8. Proxy – Raven (Vakkuum Remix)
  9. Cevin Fisher – Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller Remix)
  10. Makaton – Around The Throat
  11. Roman Lindau & Roberto – Devastator / WK7 – Rhythm 1
  12. Dawn Razor – 1st June
  13. Fred P. – No Games
  14. Viers – Blow
  15. My My – Serpentine
  16. LSDXOXO – Hateshopping
  17. Kiyadama – Quinta Lady
  18. Blacktronika – Tootfairy Noises
  19. Furtive – Kinzhal
  20. Electric Indigo – Ferrum 4 (Jamaica Suk Remix)
  21. Joton – Doscope
  22. The Future Sound Of London – It’s Not My Problem