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Ten Years

Jazz Underground: Tall Bird

The aim of this column is to try and change the perception of jazz’s rotten public image. Each month, a new resident artist will take over the playlist and help shape what jazz means now. This month Saxophonist Martin Wirén and film composer Petter Karlsten take over the mix from Sweden. The duo inject a bit of cinematic flavour into the mix with ten new tracks for the Jazz Underground.

Kicking this month’s mix off with a track from their own band, Tall Bird, Martin and Petter capture the spirit of their musical approach: the essence of their music lies in the joy of exploration; the journey is the goal. It’s a lovely outlook when creating improvisational music (as well as curating other producers leading the way in this genre).

Have a listen to the 10 tracks that Tall Bird have added to the playlist below. Have a listen in the order they’ve arranged it or shuffle the mix up and listen to how the Jazz Underground changes from month to month.

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