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Ten Years

Australian indie psych band, Babe Rainbow, release a new sun-soaked single to announce their new EP

I first came across Babe Rainbow during a grey winter day in January 2021. It was a track called “The Wind” and it transported me to somewhere sunny and full of summer. The track was this gentle psychedelic rock track with a bit of surf, sand, and sun baked in. It was exactly what I needed in those bleak post-pandemic winter days in England.

The four-piece band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, has been characterized by their 1960s psychedelic rock style and surf culture vibe — which has been something I’ve been into as of late. Last month the band released a new single to announce their upcoming album: Mushroom EP. The track is called “Juice Of The Sun” and while it skews more into the indie pop category compared to “The Wind,” it still carries that warm, citrus and sand vibe that all of their music has.

Check out “Juice Of The Sun” below and if you like what you hear, go on and check out Mushroom on Spotify.

Babe Rainbow – Juice Of The Sun

Cover photo by Maclay Heriot