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Ten Years

LoFix #3 — straight up jazz

Welcome to The LoFix, a new fortnightly column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your friends.

In this third edition of the series we dive into the jazzy side of LoFi & ChillHop. Expect to hear some smooth sax leads, piano melodies, and some 90s Hip Hop influence.

As soon as the sax kicks in you know the track is coming with a cool groove with nothing over the top. Perfectly laid back for any smoke session or jazzy bar with it’s smooth beat and subtle flow from Kidskeep.Z.
I don’t know what it is about horn introductions but I find it the perfect way to kick the jazzy vibes off that [bsd.u] & veryolddog have provided. Smoke is a very fitting name and definitely a track you can relax and blaze one too, then drift away…
Minthaze & Lester Nowhere have teamed up for their Bridges We Burn album and it’s pure gold. It’s always a hard job picking a favourite tune when there are so many standing out, but as soon as ‘824’ kicked in with its piano I knew this was the one with its catchy beat and well rounded sound. 
I’m definitely feeling Alright after hearing Ruck P‘s new tune! The steady guitar, sleek synth sounds and catchy vocal sample really show off the class in this production and level of skill from Ruck P. It’s also a great project with Beats for Trees, for every 1000 streams they will plant a tree, a nice reason to keep it on repeat. 

Bushwick might be a bit too stripped back but I love the synth melody too much. It doesn’t need to be over the top or add any other sounds because Pete Mac lays down the vibe. Dope vocal samples break up the beat and give it that 90s flex — a homage to the golden era of Hip Hop.

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